Osmington Bay Residential Day 2

Today we went sailing in Portland, learning how to steer a boat and put up the sails. Having finished sailing, we got changed and went back on the coach returning to Osmington Bay. After that my classmates and I got split into 2 groups, one with Mr Hickman and one with Mrs Dabill. Once we […]


Saw this on the BBC website and thought it worth sharing… http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-27695144 …sleep is so important for learning and creating memories.

Intra-House Rounders

After hearing that this week’s rounders tournament had been cancelled we decided to run our own competition in school. We were blessed with a beautiful afternoon and it was great to have the whole school outside competing against each other in teams. While Key Stage 2 were on the field playing rounders Key Stage 1 […]