I am a chick!

We tried to imagine what it would have been like to be a chick in our class room. We then wrote stories from the chick’s viewpoint to explain to younger children some of the science we have learned about how chicks hatch, grow and change. We loved sharing our chick stories with Willow Class.  


On Tuesday year 1 and 2 went to the Tri Golf Competition at Harroway School. There were a variety of games involving putting and chipping. Everyone had a great time and Appleshaw’s Team  3 got the highest points of the competition – well done to Pops, Thomi, Toby and Naia! Also, congratulations to Henry and […]


The chicks have left but I Remember what they did funny we had great time and I’m so tearful and sad bye bye chicks have a nice  time please be OK for me.  Thank you from Toby C Today the chicks  left and we are sad. Also they were to big and tomorrow they will  be in […]


Yesterday we got to clean the brooder when we touch the chicks we need to wash our hands. We have a look at the chicks we get to watch  the chicks tomorrow they are not here. Rasmus Today is last day with the chicks I am going to miss the chicks especially Xander.  I DON’T […]


Some chicks have moved to the brooder.  Which is the next bit of a class to look after a chick. There’s water and food. 2 chicks are girls and 3 are boys.   Beth Me, Poppy and Bella got a chick called Fluffy he is a boy and weighs 40 grams and the colour on his head is […]

Fun Maths!

Today we were creating ratios with Skittles! We were given ratios that we had to show using the sweets. After that we recorded through pictures and labelled them with the ratio and fraction equivalent. We have been learning about ratio in Maths which compares one amount to another. To start with it was torture seeing […]

Happy Hatching

Today the chicks hatched!!! And we were amazed  to see 2 wet chicks.  Henry  Today when I got into school I couldn’t believe my eyes I saw two chicks had hatched!!!!! When they had hatched they would lay down and pant. After they had hatched they were covered in dander.   Alana  I was amazed when […]


I am really excited because we have eggs and number four has a crack. They are going to hatch tomorrow and I will call mine Rose. I LOVE CHICKS.  Thomasina I am so excited because Beech class have chicks. We got them on the 11.3.19 of march Monday and 13.3.19 of March Wednesday they are going […]