Hawk Conservancy

On Tuesday we went to the Hawk Conservancy we saw lots of owls and birds we watched the show it was very interesting. We dug through a pellet which was my favourite bit so we dug  through the pellets so we could find skulls and bones. I hope we go there again soon.   Poppy My  […]

Anglo-Saxon Day

We had a great day with ‘Ed’ from Portals From The Past. We played some Anglo-Saxon strategy games and learned some old English. We also role-played a banquet hall, listened to the story of Beowulf and explored some battle moves. (No sharp weapons of course!) It will come as no surprise to know that ‘Ed’ […]

Trinley Estate

We went to Trinley estate we were greeted by mike, Becky and Trevor. Mike took us on a tractor ride we went through some fields of barley then we arrived at a field of rape. Then we got to a field of barley and mike showed us some things that were made out of barley.  […]