Happy Half Term!

What a busy haft term we’ve had here’s a taster of some of the things we have been up to! The Oak Tree This year we are going to make a long term study of our beautiful oak tree. We will be carefully observing changes through the seasons and trying to find out what lives […]

Thank you Ben!

A big thank you to Ben for teaching us tennis skills for the last 8 weeks! Each week Maple class along with Willow, Beech and Oak class have had an hour session of tennis with Ben. They have learnt many skills including ball control, different racket drills and rally’s.   Hopefully we will see you […]

Mummifying a tomato!

Picture of tomato in ‘natron’ and our comparison tomato Our mummified tomato compared to the normal tomato Maple class have been mummifying this tomato since 9th October (16 days!) and have looked at the tomato a couple of times to see the changes that have occurred. They have described the mummified tomato as shriveled, crumpled, […]


This week we have been looking at the mummification process and why the Egyptians did this. We are conducting two different experiments to help us understand the process. Mouldy bread We have placed a slice of bread in a bag with sand. One bag has dry sand and the other has damp said. We have […]


As part of our commitment to the health and wellbeing of our pupils I am pleased to say that we have been invited to take part in a pilot mental health programme this academic year. Working with four other schools and Winchester University the Stormbreak Charity (https://www.stormbreak.org.uk/) will be helping us to develop our approach […]

Doing things for others

In worship this year I will be picking up on some Wellbeing themes. To begin I have introduced the children to the idea that doing good (i.e. helping others) helps you feel good. We have used quotes from Mother Theresa, bible stories (including the Good Samaritan) and ideas from research to help us. One group […]