Appleshaw’s Got Talent!

Our Year 6 pupils organised the annual talent show. They created sign up sheets, held auditions and organised the final performance. Thank you for providing us all with great entertainment and well done to the pupils that were the acts. A report was written by the organisers – please click on the link. Talent Show

Mayan Masks

We’ve had great fun making our masks using a wire base and layering it with paper mache. We learned about the different types of masks and designed our own. It was done in several stages and we had to work carefully at each stage to make sure our masks looked great. These are our masks […]

Eggciting eggsperiment!

Continuing with the topic ‘Animals including humans’ Maple class have looked at the different types of teeth and what they are good for. They have also researched how to look after their teeth and made posters giving others tips. Last week, Maple class started an eggsperiment to see which liquid would cause the least damage […]

The Nativity

We  had a  lots of  fun doing  the nativity. Everyone  did great. My favourite part  was when we sang three king were riding  and when we sang an angel appeared in the sky  and clip clop. Do you like are nativity play because  we loved it. I was a innkeeper I had to say no […]

Ash Tree Stream

Maple class have started a project called the Ash Tree Stream. They will be looking at Ash trees around the area, their importance and the ash die-back disease. They used a range of media and techniques to record their experiences. The children used the morning to explore the outside environment and used a range of […]

Fire Safety Visit

Tracy the fire fighter came to talk to willow and beech class. She told us a poem it went like this matches and lights never touch as they can hurt you very much. She said to learn your address and house number. Remember to check your smoke alarm.We learnt what was safe and what was […]