Setting Goals

We have started our whole school wellbeing work this term by thinking about goals. We talked about how positive it is to have things to look forward to and some children shared some exciting upcoming events in their lives, which even included a trip to Australia! We also looked at what Action for Happiness were […]

Intrepid Explorers

This half term our topic is intrepid explorers. We have been finding out about the life and expeditions of Christopher Columbus. This week we built our own ‘Santa Maria’ and have been trying to imagine what life must have been like for the sailors when they set off on their voyage into the unknown. Ask […]

Pupil-led worship

Today our pupil-led worship was on the theme of being connected. We thought about what it felt like to be connected to different people. The leaders decided on the theme, organised everything and led the worship with questions to think about and a prayer. This is what we thought: ‘It was different because we went […]

Science Fun!

We planned an experiment to find out which materials were good insulators. Ice cubes were placed in a glass jar and wrapped with a variety of insulating materials. We had to take the temperature and measure the water in the jar as the cubes melted.

Oak Class – Spring term

SCIENCE This term we are learning about materials in our Science work. This will involve exploring the properties of a variety of materials. We will be experimenting to find out whether materials are insulators or conductors of heat and electricity. We will also be finding out whether materials can be dissolved and if heating/cooling causes […]