Today we held are chicks! It was so exciting!

Ours is called Freddie and is the heaviest. it is 69 g. I had fun.  Freddie

To  day we  played with  the chicks it  was very fun and  we tried to get them on our hand it did  a lot of poo. I tried to make coco get on  my hand today I had fun .


Today I came into school and we weighed our cute cuddly chicks . They chirped loudly because they wanted to get back to the other chicks .They feel soft and fluffy but they have spiky claws .  Jessica

Today something really eggciting happened I got to hold my chick  it was super fluffy.  Naia

Today I have very exciting news we have chicks  and I held my chick called Fury.  Jasmine

Today we got out a black tray and put sticks in ,sand and chick crumb.  Poppy

Guess what? Today we got to hold the chicks my one was really fluffy and really heavy . My chick felt furry and it’s legs felt sharp . When I held my chick I was really excited because you get to hold a newborn chick it’s a miracle really . My chick weighs 69 grams right now. I think that the feathers are going to start changing colour and growing bigger.  Maddy









One thought on “CHICK UPDATE

  1. Are their little voices still as little and cheep cheepy? Or does their voice get a bit stronger and perhaps lower? 🤔🙂🙃🙂🐣🌈✨😃 Such a lovely way of learning, you lucky young folk 👍 Mrs T

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