Yesterday we said goodbye to the chicks I was so sad . And today I came into class and I did not see the brooder and I remembered that they had gone to a farm because they were too big for the brooder . I hope they are safe and warm. I was really sad when I came back from rugby and the chicks had gone! When I came home on Friday I was so sad I missed them so much.  Poppy 

It’s time to say goodbye to the chicks and sadly i’m going to miss their loud cheeping and  their calm sleeping . When I came into the class and saw the brooder was missing I wanted to scream with sadness . I want the chicks back. I want to feel their soft feathers once more but  i think they are getting a bit big . Bye bye little yellow loud cute birds . I miss you already . We all had so much fun with the fluffy chicks and I wish I can see them peck each over and I hope we can see them again .For the last time we put out the tray and the chicks with some soil and leaves and watched them scrabble about . Then eventually it was time to say goodbye . That’s all from me and the news .  Jessica

Something sad happened the chicks left I love them so much. I hope he is okay his name is Killo the fluffy chick. When he was born with a eggshell he was covered in dander I miss them so much I am so sad I will remember him for ever good bye Killo.  Tyler

Goodbye chicks I loved so much they are in a better place now they are in my dreams. Harrison

What I did before they went.

Goodbye chicks it’s been really exciting having you . But luckily we had one more chance to see them that was in discovery.Discovery is when you get to choose what to do. I chose to see the chicks .We put them on a black tray with sticks, leaves a bit of food and then we got the chicks out . Then the chicks started pecking around and then we put our hands out and they would come on they tickled a lot but that was fine with me . The chick I held didn’t want to get out of my for some reason. It flapped its wings now and then but I was fine with I loved it when the chick tried to perch on  me because I put my finger out and it tried to perch on me like my finger was a stick. Then it as time for tag rugby . During tag rugby they came to collect them I had an amazing time with the chicks .

How i felt when they left.

When they left I still felt the fluffy feathers touching my fingers softly. It was like they were still there . I could still see it in my brain when they hatched it was adorable. Like when I cleaned them out that was amazing but you have to go now to a lovely farm so goodbye chicks .   Maddy

Dear diary Goodbye chicks we will miss you it was fun having you we miss you all ready we love you.  Tallulah

On Friday I came in a bit sad because today was the day the chicks left. I  love Rosie because she was the chick I was looking after. GOOD BYE CHICKS.  Maisie


On  Friday when we were doing rugby a man came  to pick up the chicks . I was  very sad   but they have  to go because they  are too big for the brooder

and  they have  gone to a farm  and we cant keep  them for ever.  Sadie


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