This term, Maple Class have been learning about the water cycle, rivers and bridges. To finish this topic off they have spent the week looking at different structured bridges and what makes them strong. Maple Class were challenged to build a bridge that held a weight of at least 500g and span a gap of […]

Tree felling

Year 3 had an exciting experience yesterday where they enjoyed watching a Beech tree, that they met earlier on in the year, be felled. We braved the cold by wrapping up warm, wore waterproofs and wellies. The children loved being out in the open space of Ufton Park and walking (and falling) in the mud. […]

Eggciting eggsperiment!

Continuing with the topic ‘Animals including humans’ Maple class have looked at the different types of teeth and what they are good for. They have also researched how to look after their teeth and made posters giving others tips. Last week, Maple class started an eggsperiment to see which liquid would cause the least damage […]

Ash Tree Stream

Maple class have started a project called the Ash Tree Stream. They will be looking at Ash trees around the area, their importance and the ash die-back disease. They used a range of media and techniques to record their experiences. The children used the morning to explore the outside environment and used a range of […]

The digestive system

This week Maple Class have started their science topic ‘animals including humans’. They have learnt about the digestive system and how our bodies digest different foods. They enjoyed drawing around a member of the group before drawing the digestive system and labeling it.

Celebrating uniqueness week

Last week the whole school celebrated uniqueness. We discussed what this meant and that it is a positive to be different. On Tuesday, to celebrate, everyone wore odd socks. In Maple Class we collected data about the different socks that people had on and then made a bar chart. The most popular socks were plain. […]

Egyptian Day

Last Wednesday, Maple Class celebrated their learning about Ancient Egypt with an Egyptian day. The whole class enjoyed dressing up for the day. They made up their own short dance to ‘Walk like an Egyptian’ before performing it to the class. They then participated in various activities from pulling the brains out of Tutankhamun’s nostrils […]

Thank you Ben!

A big thank you to Ben for teaching us tennis skills for the last 8 weeks! Each week Maple class along with Willow, Beech and Oak class have had an hour session of tennis with Ben. They have learnt many skills including ball control, different racket drills and rally’s.   Hopefully we will see you […]