The digestive system

This week Maple Class have started their science topic ‘animals including humans’. They have learnt about the digestive system and how our bodies digest different foods. They enjoyed drawing around a member of the group before drawing the digestive system and labeling it.

Harmony Woods

Yesterday afternoon we went to Harmony Woods to plant the trees that we have been looking after in our nursery bed.   We had to have an early lunch. We walked up the lane to the woods, taking turns to carry our flag. The volunteers from Andover Trees United helped us to plant our trees. […]

Celebrating uniqueness week

Last week the whole school celebrated uniqueness. We discussed what this meant and that it is a positive to be different. On Tuesday, to celebrate, everyone wore odd socks. In Maple Class we collected data about the different socks that people had on and then made a bar chart. The most popular socks were plain. […]

Egyptian Day

Last Wednesday, Maple Class celebrated their learning about Ancient Egypt with an Egyptian day. The whole class enjoyed dressing up for the day. They made up their own short dance to ‘Walk like an Egyptian’ before performing it to the class. They then participated in various activities from pulling the brains out of Tutankhamun’s nostrils […]

Mr. Tamplin came to visit

This morning we had the pleasure of Mr. Tamplin an Ambulance Officer come to visit us.We had prepared some questions for him and he spoke about what his role entails as a first responder.           We even had the luck of looking at his vehicle, hearing the sirens & seeing the flashing lights.      Thankyou […]