Yesterday we said goodbye to the chicks I was so sad . And today I came into class and I did not see the brooder and I remembered that they had gone to a farm because they were too big for the brooder . I hope they are safe and warm. I was really sad […]


Today we held are chicks! It was so exciting! Ours is called Freddie and is the heaviest. it is 69 g. I had fun.  Freddie To  day we  played with  the chicks it  was very fun and  we tried to get them on our hand it did  a lot of poo. I tried to make […]


What an exciting week we’ve had! We now have 9 chicks keeping us company in Beech Class. We have all adopted a chick to care for and given them a name. We will weigh them daily to see how much weight they gain over the next week. I have just named my chick her name […]

New Age Kurling Harrow Way

Today in the afternoon I went curling with Naia, Harrison, Fraser and Mrs Preece. there was also three different schools there Portway and Knights Enham and us. I was really excited when I had my first go I got on the red. Naia got near the red Harrison got in the middle of red and […]

Eggciting News!

Yesterday… There has been something amazing delivered to our class. It was chicken eggs there are ten of them. They were delivered in a Incubator and the Incubator is 37.7 degrees to keep the eggs warm. You can tell if the chicks are girls or boys because the girls are darker then the boys. I’m […]

Skills 4 Life Festival

On Monday, year 2 went to Harrow Way school to take part in the skills for life festival led by Harrow Way students. The children took part in a range of activities to develop confidence, teamwork and communication, as well as balance, coordination, sending, receiving and travelling skills. Everyone had great fun! A big thank […]

Intrepid Explorers

This half term our topic is intrepid explorers. We have been finding out about the life and expeditions of Christopher Columbus. This week we built our own ‘Santa Maria’ and have been trying to imagine what life must have been like for the sailors when they set off on their voyage into the unknown. Ask […]